He forgets or does he know that I am scared to be in a room alone with him. He forgets that I can’t nurture my mother. He forgets that he’s the father and parenting requires more than a tap on the head, saying be a good girl. He forgets that children need daily attention. He forgets that I need him to be at my functions. He forgets that I need him to say good night to tuck me in bed with a kiss. He forgets that parenting means more than financially supporting the family.

But he doesn’t forget my birthdays. He smiles with pride at my accomplishments, his face lights up when I enter the room. He doesn’t forget to write poems about his love for me or to beam with pride when I graduate college. He doesn’t forget when I share my travel adventures with him. He doesn’t forget that family is primary and he is always the first to help a family member. He doesn’t forget to invite his young sister-in-law to live with them when he’s newly married to my mother. He doesn’t forget to give to any charitable cause. He doesn’t forget me.

—Teri Wilner


My hope for you is that you will have a life full of happiness and fulfillment.

I pray that you will find peace, love, and contentment with the choices that you make, and that you are able to face life challenges with growth and insightfulness.

I wish for you independence, freedom for yourself not to have to rely on others for your happiness, but to be able to tap into your inner resources.

— Teri Wilner

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