“Whether providing feedback on my writing, hosting salons for authors, or acting as a sounding board for my latest project, Joanne exhibits a rare combination of compassion and intellect.”

— Mitch Sturgeon, Author
Enjoying the Ride: Two Generations of Tragedy and Triumph


  I so appreciate Joanne’s grace and skill. It can’t be said enough that she has found her true calling and I’m one of her beneficiaries.”

— Colleen M.


“Joanne was instrumental in polishing the content of a book I recently published. Her edits were incredibly helpful. Next time I write a book, I’m definitely going to look her up!”

— Lorri Z.


 “If you have writer’s block, or you need motivation to write, or you feel your creativity is diminished, then you need to work with Joanne. You will know her by her generosity of spirit and by her training and know-how. I guarantee you’ll catch the writing spark!”

— Joan A.


“Joanne is beyond talented in making people feel safe in a group.”

— Ellen G.


“The prompts got me to think outside my comfort zone. The group cohesiveness was fabulous, and gave me a safe space to share.”

— Denise S.


 “I was open to ideas and the workshop gave me focus. The group was remarkable, but the leadership is what made it happen for me.”

— Jane S.


 “I liked the whole focus on trying to find our inner voice, and the systematic steps to achieve that.”

— Mike S. 


“I asked Joanne to help with my website. She asked some very simple, direct questions. And then she listened. And then she wrote.

What came back was in my voice, saying what I’d been wanting and trying to, but not able, to articulate.

Previously, I’d been lukewarm about my website. Now I’m extremely proud of it.”

—Tom Turnbull, turnbullpottery.com