I am from…Teri W & Simcha

I am from love, Jewish tradition, anxiety.

I am from questions.

I am from warmth.

I am from humor, laughter, richness.

I am from continuity.

I am from smells of the Jewish kitchen, chicken soup,

matzah balls, roasted chicken, schmaltz, horseradish, vocals.

I’m from sickness, creeping around quietly because of an ailing father. Not able to jump on him or have him pick me up and swing me around because of his physical limitations.

I am from humor, a father who always had a joke, regardless of the situation.

I’m from curiosity, a father who could not physically travel, but did, I’ve devouring all travel magazines, and eventually living precariously through me on all my exotic expeditions.

I’m from sitting around a dining table, filled with delicious food and animated conversations where every opinion was valued, from the eldest to the youngest.

I’m from silver, legacies from my maternal grandparents.

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