Write About A Career Change…Meri

Opening My Heart While Offering Myself

I chose a career that honed skills that were sharp and fierce. I was closed off: I didn’t expect to shine, I didn’t look for friendship, I didn’t offer heart. I wanted to work, be done, go home. And I stayed for 27 years.

I grew, I prospered and now I have the blessing of time. I have collaboration, friendship, connection and joy at the top of my to do list. I serve as officer on the boards of four funky, interesting, engaging organizations that do good work for others and that keep their focus on the communities they serve.

I bring my ability to focus on process and my ability to focus on documentation and I can also bring my heart and my love. And I do.
I used to think…

that right was better than nice
that my anger was justified
that there was smarter and not
that my smarts were a fixed capability
that people weren’t on to me
that circumstances mattered
that I was a victim
that friends weren’t easy to find.

I now understand…
that my best self is worth sharing and that what matters is listening, honoring and sharing, all of which to combine to create love.

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