Marilyn & Gerry

I used to think…Gerry & Marilyn S.

XXXXXthat if you try harder, you succeed.

XXXXXgood work was recognized by superiors.

XXXXXthere was only one truth.

XXXXXif you treat people with kindness, they reciprocate.

XXXXXdemocracy meant things like justice and equality.

XXXXXlife would become easier.

XXXXXonly men were important.

XXXXXthat rational people would make lasting world peace.

I am from (after George Ella Lyon)

XXXXXThe big white house on the top of the hill.

XXXXXSummers knew the water.

XXXXXAll those people who were important.

XXXXXAll those males.

XXXXXThe dining room with the cyringia and lilacs and honeysuckle
XXXXXoutside the bay window.

XXXXXThe bedroom at the top of the stairs.

XXXXXThe mile long walk home from school.

XXXXXMy grandmother’s name.

XXXXXThe loving grandfather who told me wonderful midrash, tailored
XXXXXbeautiful clothes for me, and bet on the horse races.

XXXXXThe other grandparents: Bobeh, 4’6″ tall in her high heels
XXXXXwith hair that hung to the floor when she was seated to
XXXXXhave it combed; Zaideh, 6’2”, 11114 eee ankle high shoes,
XXXXX a cap a kippah underneath, and they spoke a language
XXXXXI did not understand.

XXXXXI am from Massachusetts and Reform Judaism.

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