I am from… (after George Ella Lyon)Judy G

I am from a family filled with love.

I am from the upstairs clothesline from which my mother could watch me.

I am from struggles to find a sense of self and belonging.

I am from always having a brother.

I am from sitting dreamily on the railing of the back porch steps.

I am from a neighborhood of people of all ages and backgrounds all of whom I had some connection or knowledge.

I am from playing in the street.

I am from walking most places I needed to go.

I am from family meals and holiday celebrations.

I am from following my father — at work, at play, at socializing.

I am from small treats that seemed so big.

I am from disagreeing but never stopping caring and staying connected.

I am from a love for my children and grandchildren I could never have known existed.

I am from food prepared from the heart and given as a gift.

I am from a flower garden blooming with new surprises all season.

I am from my hands in the dirt pulling fresh food to nourish and enjoy.

I am from the dreams of others.

I am from break down the dreams of others to find my own.

I am from tulips of many colors drawn by little hands and grown by older ones.

I am from fresh baked bread slathered in butter.

I am from a Shabbos table filled with food and love and peace.

I am from the beauty of our festivals with family, song, prayer, sharing, food.

I am from riding my bike.

I am from briskly walking to stretch my legs and body.

I am from finishing a 10K run in respectable time.

I am from a family that survived years of hanging on for dear life.

I am from a family back from the brink and stronger than we ever could have imagined.

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